Manufacture of round stainless steel pipe


ZAO “Steel Group” Karkas” produces round stainless pipes of EN 10217-7 and GOST 11068-81 standards, suitable for operation in industrial or aggressive urban environments.


The company’s production and warehouses are located in Yekaterinburg, Ulitsa Umeltsev, 15. To order a round pipe, call the sales department (343) 355-88-55, or fill out the form on the website. Possible: self-delivery, delivery to the regions of Russia.


We produce stainless pipes of round cross-section on steel grades AISI 304 (08х18н10) and AISI 201 (12х15г9нд) with outer diameter from 16 to 76mm and wall thickness from 1 to 3mm in matt, polished and mirror design. It is possible to drink the pipes for the length you need, which will save on transport services. Each batch of pipe passes mandatory certification.


Production equipment

– Pipe rolling mill TESA RS-60 “Oppermann GmbH” (Germany), which allows the production of O 10-76 pipes from stainless steel grades (AISI 304, AISI 321, etc.);
– Polishing station Loeser (Germany) for grinding G240 and polishing G600.


Strict control of the raw materials

Each lot of strip-tape is tested for chemical composition, excluding the inconsistency of the declared brand in accordance with GOST. In particular, the factory checks the nickel content in the AISI 304 strip (08х18н10). Purchasing occurs only from trusted suppliers, which excludes possible delays and losses in quality.


* High nickel content in AISI 304 round tubes provides:

– resistance to corrosion and expansion of the temperature range of pipe use (from cryogenic to high temperature conditions);
– Resistance to aggressive chemistry used for sterilization of products, which ensures the suitability for the use of the round tube “SG” Carcas “in the medical and pharmaceutical industries;
– low magnetic permeability, which ensures the applicability of the round tube to the field of arrangement of computerized cabinets and server rooms;
– long service life.


* More accessible composition of AISI 201:

In AISI 201, the role of the alloying element is performed by manganese. The element is suitable for maintaining an austenitic structure, but it loses steel with a nickel content. The composition of AISI 201 is suitable for operation in conditions of variable humidity, for interior decoration of premises. Less resistance to corrosion in comparison with AISI 304 is compensated by a low price.


Work with the raw materials

In the event that there is a need for the manufacture of pipes from specific steel grades, we practice the pipe on the raw materials. You bring the tape to the specified pipe size, we issue the finished product. The speed of rolling the pipe is more than 300 meters per working day. The surface of the pipe can also be matte, ground or mirror. You can also set the desired final pipe length – from 3 to 9 meters.


Own warehouse

ZAO “Steel Group” Karkas “has its own production warehouse with a constant presence of most of the range of round tubes. To order products, call the specified phone number.