ZAO Steel Group Karkas

Mission of the company: creation and promotion of stainless steel products to the Russian market, corresponding to high consumer qualities.

The company CJSC “Steel Group” Karkas “was founded in 2005. At present, it is a specialized center of stainless steel products, equipped with modern equipment for the production of pipes and metal structures meeting European quality standards.

Being engaged in deliveries of stainless metal of world famous manufacturers, in 2006 the company entered into 10 large stainless steel suppliers in Russia. In parallel, the improvement of its own production base began.

In 2007, the company launched a line for grinding and polishing pipes, purchased equipment for processing and cutting metal, modern welding equipment. In 2007, the company launched its own production of metal structures, and began to assemble them.

Using the necessary assortment of metal in the warehouse, the equipment for its processing, the necessary design base at the enterprise, CJSC “Steel Group” Karkas “managed to reduce production costs, which positively affected the delivery terms and the price of products. The next step, in 2015, the company put into operation a pipe-electric welding machine TESA-60, manufactured by Oppermann GmbH (Germany). The unit is used for the discharge of Ø 10-76 pipes from stainless steel grades AISI 304, AISI 321 and others.

At the current moment, the company thanks to the launch of the production of stainless pipes with a wall thickness of more than 3 mm; compliance with European quality standards, is focused on providing production with special products.

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