Beams From Stainless Steel

The company”Steel Group” Karkas “produces beams of stainless steel in accordance with GOST 26020-83. We use corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant steel grades AISI 304, 321, 316L.

Typical I-beams and non-typical designs

The assortment of beams of CJSC “Steel Group” Karkas “includes standardized I-beams (see pictures below) and atypical beams designed individually for industrial objects.


In the case of the latter, it is necessary to harmonize the steel grade, the additional characteristics provided for by Russian and European quality standards. To order products, call the sales department (343) 255-88-55. Manufacture and warehouses with finished products are located in Ekaterinburg at the address: ul. Umeltsev. 15.


Beams from stainless steel produced by CJSC “Steel Group” Karkas “are applicable in the production of slabs and bearing supports. Due to product strength, heat resistance and corrosion processes, the beams are applicable to objects with special requirements for the reliability of the structures being erected.
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